Monatsarchive: November 2010

Caning Shooting yesterday 11/29

Hello, yesterday we’ve shot with a new actor we’ve never worked before and he has doing his job finally very good. Here are the first pics, the movie comes out probably at the 12/10/2010.

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Bootlicker Shooting yesterday 11/21/2010

Hello, we have made a new movie with Bootlicker, called „MCircus de bizarre“. And here are the first pictures to enjoy. I also would like to thank a special property of me for the crazy cool boots!!! MC PS: The … Weiterlesen

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Server problems – MCinema temporary not available

>>>>Everything is working now fine and you’ll have access to the member area and all other sites too! Sorry for the trouble! MC Hello members, fans, friends and slaves, I have send yesterday a newsletter but now m blog is … Weiterlesen

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