12/16/2012 Movie making with Bootlicker „Brunch with Bootlicker“

Here we go for the very first pictures of the shooting yesterday in my dungeon kitchen:
Believe me, I have had a lot of fun – but I guess Bootlicker doesn’t ;-)

BL_Breakfast01 BL_Breakfast02












Other working titles:
„Hard breakfast for Bootlicker“ or „No brunch for Bootlicker“

Location: Kitchen

Tell me your ideas, I’ll post the first pictures from movie making asap here.

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  1. puppet sagt:

    Oh,really,it’s my birthday,how i wish i could be your actor.
    A new idea come out: how about force the bootlicker into eat some foods(such as chacolate,banana) from your boots inside.
    A morning,the bootlicker is cleaning your boots with tongue,but for a while he feels a little hungry.so he try to find something to eat,then he come to kitchen and find some fresh banana.Just start eating,a new idea come from his brain:what dose the taste of the banana when mixed with mistress’s essence left on insole of boots .so he decide to put a banana into the boots and press it to a mess to eat ,then he feel so happy after he enjoy his breadfast.Unfortunately,he has no enough time to celan residue inside boots when you come in. YOU check the recover of the boots and think it ’s shiny enough,then you put them on to go outside for some business ··· ···
    After you back home ,you feel something uncomfortable with your feet all along,so you take off boots and find there are mess left in the bothe of boots and feet.With this moment,you remember the scene that you come to kitchen at the begining,so you know answer now.you order the bootlicker to crawl in front of you and adopt series of tortures on him··· ····

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