11/23/2012 „Governess call for end of the year spanking marathon“

Here are the first pic’s from yesterday. The movie comes out this weekend at MCinema
























Hello Caneboy!
No possibility to preparing but I’ve prepared the canes already ;-)














I’m back from vacation, this years goes to end and it’s time for you again, Caneboy.
You have to be at my salon at Friday 1p.m.!

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28 Kommentare zu 11/23/2012 „Governess call for end of the year spanking marathon“

  1. VICTOR sagt:

    A caning marathon? Oh my Godddddesssss!!

    My Goddess when will it be available in Domina Movies?? I will buy a membership right now!!!

    By the way, I hope you enjoyed your trip, India is an incredible country!

  2. Caneboy sagt:

    Hello dear MADAME CATARINA ,

    I will of course appear in time for enforcement in her salon , and are at their disposal.

    OH a „Punishment Marathon“ at the end of this year , a very sporty title for an equally physical challenge , they can already tell me something about it , of course I`m a little nervous and my various thoughts running though my head ,
    thank you very much.

    Best regards


  3. Caneboy sagt:

    Hello dear MADAME CATARINA ,

    thanks for the answer , but they have not give me that really helped further ,
    I should like to now prepare especially in this apparently very extensive punishment ,
    what they can recommend me a good preparation ? Thank you very much !


  4. kenji kikuchi sagt:

    I really envy Caneboy. Want to be called by madame ballbusting session . I fly to Berlin from Japan soon too .

  5. Antonio sagt:

    Hello Madame Catarina, i’m Antonio. I’d like in this film of caneboy we can see you with leather dress and boots, hair related and eyeglasses. I’d like can See caneboy hard bondage on the bench With mask in leather. Best regards Antonio

  6. Antonio sagt:

    I would propose to Madame Catarina to test devotion his slaves, by charging the film twice the value. About 100 – 150 €

  7. VICTOR sagt:

    Antonio, I have full devotion for Madame Catarina,even when I have never been her slave, but if you mean to moving prices up then I’m afraid but I’m not that rich!! :-( In fact this is not a matter of paying more or less, but to let the world know who is the best, most beautiful and cruellest mistress !!!

  8. VICTOR sagt:

    By the way, I see the canes being soaked…Oh, poor Caneboy,what a warm up for next Friday!!

    A question for MC, if possible: will there be black rubber canes? They are non breakable canes and they should hurt very much! From other movies with caneboy, I see they can break the skin quite easily! For me, the black color and their devilish sound make them look even more perverse!! What about using also a sjambok?

    How will you you be attired? Any clue? Perhaps black leather, corset and boots? Of course, do not forget your gloves. I love it when you put on them as you are preparing for fun! And I love it when your sadims keeps growing on and on, your smile becomes pure-enjoyment and Caneboy’s ass gets’s into a mosaic of bloody flesh!!

    • Yes, I’m thinking about to wear an Governesses stile in leather.
      And I also can use rubber canes but the sjambok we’ve had already, don’t you know? At the tripod.

      • Caneboy sagt:

        Thanks Governess MADAME CATARINA ,

        an impressive preview of a great number of

        good English Canes , well prepared !


        • Yes it is because you know, I like beef „english way“…

          • Caneboy sagt:

            Thank you , Governess MADAME CATARINA ,
            well that seems to be a real marathon punishment
            because my intense lotion will help this time probably not much , the English hard way ,
            consistently and very memorable for a long time.


  9. VICTOR sagt:

    Lol… Beef „english way“ with lots of barbecue sauce!!…Lol

    By the way…will you go further than ever?
    Perhaps this is that „2012 prophecy“ everybody talks about… Lol

    • Caneboy sagt:

      Hello Victor ,

      MADAME CATARINA leads me certainly in each session to my personal limits and also a whole lot about it ! MC has a very good sense of how they can bring their sadism really painful application.
      However none of us know in advance how far back this time is my absolute limit or finding is , please let yourself be surprised an wish me luck !


  10. Antonio sagt:

    Yes Victor You are right. I am fascinated by financial domination, I think purchase movie 2 or 3 times as I have done on other occasions.

  11. VICTOR sagt:

    I wish you luck, Caneboy. I truly admire your endurance in these awesome sessions!!

  12. Caneboy sagt:

    Hello dear MADAME CATARINA ,

    I thank them very much for this very exhausting Spanking Marathon .

    Even today I feel exhausted and my butt hurts violently.

    Best regards


  13. sklave paul sagt:

    MC – how long does it take for the wounds on caneboy to heal? danke P

  14. VICTOR sagt:

    Movie is great! I wish I will ever been on Caneboy’s position!!

    I have never been caned in fact, but I dream of it everytime I see a beautiful woman with attitude!! No need to say Madame Catarina is on top of that list!!!

    One question for MC: is Caneboy your slave with best endurance for caning? Could yo go even further with a well prepared slave? I mean you will get very exhausted to cane that hard and fast, won’t you? Or do you perhaps long for a more hardcore player?

  15. VICTOR sagt:

    I would like to add something about this last movie, which is that MC leather dress and boots were also fantastic, and her sadistic smile while she is caning makes me feel really hot!!

  16. TheWhips_slave sagt:

    very interesting ………
    might be interesting to make and „whipping marathon“ or „Ball busting marathon“

  17. TheWhips_slave sagt:

    Why not :)
    Would be very interesting……………….

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