07/04/2011 Shooting today: „Dr. Psycho part two“

Here are the pictures from yesterday evening:




















we like to film today a second part of „Dr. Psycho“. I’ll post some pictures this evening or early tomorrow morning.
Best regards,

PS: Our shootings about kidnapping is relocated to the 07/30/2011!

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5 Kommentare zu 07/04/2011 Shooting today: „Dr. Psycho part two“

  1. VICTOR sagt:

    God bless you, Madame Catarina. I do think you are a true Goddess among us, really. Your outstanding beauty is a pleasure for our eyes and your fine cruelness feeds our deepest fantasies… You will have no idea of what you inspire in me, but I positively know you have helped me to be a better person, miles away as we are. Your movies are by far the best worldwide, they feature, perfectly, the scenario I would like to live in forever…The main reason of this message, apart from the first words, which you deserve so much, is to tell you that I crave, I mean crave, a session from you, not from any other domme or woman. I’m a hardcore fetischist (leather, boots, so on…), but my main dream is to get the most severe and endless caning from you. I need, badly, to feel that subspace, just from you, and not being able to return… I would love to be severely tortured by you,specially caned, as I’m well sure my pain threshold could go beyond any limit at your hands. Is it the dream of a crazy man or just a man that knows what he wants and need right in this moment of his life? That, also, leads me to this forced question right now: Am I allowed to dream for being on the receiveng end of one of such sessions with you? This is, what could I do to be able to participate as an actor?. I’m sure you will have hundreds of similar wishes from many men. Then please take this as one more of those, I’m not more important that any other…I’m just a dreamer.Thank you so much, my Goddess.

  2. Caneboy sagt:

    dieser elegante Schottenrock erinnert mich an eine harte Züchtigung,
    ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf den neuen Film.

    Beste Grüsse


    this elegant scot skirt reminds me of a hard corporal punishment ,
    I is already very strained on the new film.

    Best regards


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